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Getting your home gym equipment up to par

BAUS LIFEstylists - We’ve already established the importance of strength training as an

integral part of improving your golf game. The next step is determining if your home gym equipment is up to par.

A BAUS home gym setup can be accomplished with the list of equipment below. It takes up minimum space & doesn’t have to break the bank.

•Exercise/Yoga mat $20-$50 - a staple for all home gyms. Some cushion for your floor based exercises.

•Foam roller $20-$50 - also a must! They help release tension & muscle soreness (known as myofascial release), improve range of motion & flexibility. Start with a softer one.

•Superbands $20-$55 (ea) - these are extra thick resistance bands used to perform many exercises such as squats, assisted chin ups, shoulder presses, etc. Come individually or as a set, & range in resistance from light to heavy. SPRI, PTP, Synergy, are all good brands.

•Booty band $20-$30 - great for building a big booty... & other muscle groups too! Light & compact & come in light to heavy resistance. Do yourself a favour....get the fabric version, not the light rubber.

•Dumbbells $1-$2/lbs - important for your home gym as you start enhancing your strength training routines. Start with lighter weight & add heavier over time, or buy a starter set. Costco usually sells a set with 10, 15, 20, 25, & 30 lbs + storage rack for $200!

•Kettle bells $1-$2/lbs - not necessary to have both dumbbells & kettlebells at home if you are on a tight budget. KB’s do however give you a variety of different options for exercises. If you can afford both, get both. Only really need weights ranging between 5-35 lbs for most people.

•Weighted Aerobic bars $30-$75 - another cool option as you continue to add to your gym. Also known as “body bars”, these 4’ padded weight bars range from 4 - 25 lbs & can be added to many body weight movement patterns.

•Massage gun $85-$600 - These devices use rapid firing pulses to relieve muscle soreness and provide deep tissue massage. Brands like the hypervolt & kraftgun, are quite popular & a bit pricey. Costco sells some affordable options online that are much cheaper and equally effective for the average consumer.

Remember, you don’t need a ton of big equipment to have effective workouts. Add a piece of equipment here & there and it’s actually quite affordable

We are Rick & Denae Marz, co-creators of BAUS LIFEstylists. We specialize in making fitness, nutrition and overall general health a relevant issue and supporting people in their journey towards a healthier life through virtual and/or in person face to face personal training, nutrition coaching, sports nutrition & lifestyle coaching.

Our golf specific strength and nutrition programs are designed to help reduce the risk of injury, strengthen the muscle groups used in the golf swing and improve mood and focus to help you both physically and mentally on and off the course. Results are best achieved with consistency.

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